My Kind of Love by Emeli Sande

My Kind of Love

Song Information

"My Kind of Love" is a song by Scottish singer/songwriter Emeli Sandé. It was released on 8 June 2012 and serves as the fourth single from her debut studio album, Our Version of Events (2012). A music video to accompany the release of "My Kind of Love" was first released onto YouTube on 20 April 2012 at a total length of three minutes and forty-seven seconds. The video was directed by British music video director Dawn Shadforth[2]. Former Skins star Laya Lewis stars in the clip alongside Sandé. In the video Sandé enters a hospital to visit a childhood friend who appears to be suffering severely with cancer and is close to death. When she finds her friend,who appears to be extremely depressed, she gives her a pink wig to wear as the cancer has taken her hair. Show video tutorial!

About the Artist

Adele Emeli Sande play /sænˈdeɪ/ san-day, known by her stage name Emeli Sandé, is a Scottish R&B and soul recording artist and songwriter. Sandé first became known to the public eye after she featured on rapper Chipmunk's debut single, "Diamond Rings", which gained herself and Chipmunk a first top 10 singles on the UK Singles Chart. In 2010, she appeared again on Roll Deep star, Wiley's "Never Be Your Woman", which became another top ten hit. Simon Cowell called her "his favourite songwriter at the minute". She has written for a number of artists, including Cher Lloyd, Susan Boyle, Preeya Kalidas, Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole, and Tinie Tempah. In 2010, she signed a publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing. She later announced that Virgin Records had given her a record deal. Sandé released her first solo single "Heaven" in August 2011, and her debut album, Our Version of Events, is set to be released on 13 February 2012. She also appears as a guest artist on Professor Green's single "Read All About It" which achieved number one spot on the UK Singles Chart.
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My Kind of Love

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