A Different Kind Of Pain by Cold

A Different Kind Of Pain

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A Different Kind of Pain is the fourth album by Post Grunge band Cold. It was released on August 30, 2005 in the US and September 12, 2005 in the UK. Two working titles for the album were And A Sad Song Lives On and The Calm That Killed the Storm (a repeated sentence in and often mistaken title of "Anatomy of a Tidal Wave"). This title was changed to broaden the interpretation of the album's songs.Prior to writing the album, Cold was in the process of seeking a new record label. Upon the group's return to Jacksonville, Ward briefly checked himself into rehab before finding that his sister, Jen, was diagnosed with cancer. The album name and much of its lyrics were inspired by Jen's battle with cancer. In fact, the band wrote much of the material in Ward's parent's house, particularly in Jen's room. Ward described the making of the album as "a healing process," and fortunately, as the band was finishing up, his sister had gone into remission. Show video tutorial!

About the Artist

Cold is an American post-grunge band, formed in 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida. With two gold-albums Cold has sold over one million records.[citation needed] On November 17, 2006, Ward announced on MySpace that, after a period of uncertainty since that February, the group had decided to disband. In July 2008, it was announced that the original line-up would reunite for a tour in early 2009. A new studio album is due for release in 2011. Cold, who at the time were called Grundig, formed in 1996 with the line-up of Scooter Ward (vocals, guitar), Sam McCandless (drums), Jeremy Marshall (bass) and Matt Loughran (guitar). The band, initially based in Jacksonville, moved to Atlanta hoping to get a break in the industry. During this time, Matt Loughran left the band and was replaced by Sean Lay, who also left the group. Kelly Hayes then joined the band, and they all later returned to Florida. Following Cold's progress in the Jacksonville scene was local Fred Durst. Impressed by what he had heard, he invited Ward to record two acoustic tracks, "Check Please" and "Ugly.
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A Different Kind Of Pain

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